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Producer & Dj House Music
Veron Ray Producer & Dj House Music Parma Musiqua
Parma, Emilia Romagna
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Simone Ugues , Attrezzatura da deejay
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Veron Ray, artistic name of Simone Ugues (Parma, 15th February 1998) is an italian producer and disc jockey of house music.
His sound is a mix between deep house,indie dance nu disco and tech house.
His passion for the house music borns when he was 10 years old,while he was listening the first vinyls of house music years ’70/80’ of his mother,ex disc jockey of Lignano Sabbiadoro, it switches on in him a spark, a big desire that it brought until today always looking for exclusive multiple sounds formed his house footprint.
In the next years, he puts into practice his passion making his way in the different clubs of Parma.
Between 2009 and 2010, he frequents ‘’The Academy Teatro alla Scala’’ of Milan to hone his skills on audio and mastering.
He partecipates to many contests of national level where he collects various approvals.
Since 2011 he begins his career of producer,working for some labels like Big Blue Records,Monocroma,No-logik Records,Phoenix Found Records,Vilena,Urbanlife,Starwork and Maintain Replay.
In the same years he is contacted to play in some fashion shows and private events.
In 2012 he can to put in contact with the american producer MK (Marc Kinchen) and to release,with his friends CIsky and Soncini ( an EP called ‘’FIRST DAY’’.
Thanks to this EP and in particular to the version Veron Ray feat. - First Day (MK Mix), pubblicated for first by the italian label Starwork and subsequently by deutschland label Milk & Sugar Records and on others compilations of labels like No-logik (Italy) and Decide Music (Ibiza),
he begins to know him also abroad.

In 7th december 2012 he opens his label KETRIN STREET RECORDS.

This label released, besides the songs of the same Veron Ray and many his remixes, songs of many others collaborators like Daniele Petronelli,Mirco Violi,Saul Cross,Matteo Montanari,Cisky,Steve Troiani,Beblondies and Luis Martinez.
Between 2012 and 2014, his productions for Ketrin Street enter for the first time in the charts TOP 100 singles of genre deep house,house and indie dance/nu disco of Beatport:

‘’MILLENNIUM’’ at 42th position

‘’BEPAHIKA’’ at 87 position

‘’PLANET MIND’’ at 40th position

In the spring of 2014, now involved in several projects, he decides to leave out for a period the activity with Ketrin Street and concentrate exclusively on his artist’s profile and begin a new collaboration with the Ibiza’s label DECIDE MUSIC.
Veron Ray will produce for Decide many EP that they will increase his visibility abroad,thanks to the results obtained in the Beatport’s charts:

‘’FIRST DAY’’ (republished) arrives at 19th position of TOP 100 singles of Beatport’s charts of genre INDIE DANCE/NU DISCO

‘’THE RAINY DAY’’ (new version edit) will enter at 34th position of TOP 100 singles of Beatport’s charts of genre INDIE DANCE/NU DISCO

This his version is an re-edit of an EP released in 2012 with his friends and collaborators: Dave Pedrini,Valerio Vetere and the american singer Maiya Sykes (Pack remixers: Cisky,Savanta and Roby X)

‘’ALABAMA’’ at 46th position of TOP 100 singles of Beatport’s charts of genre INDIE DANCE/NU DISCO

In the septmenber of 2015, he released a remix of the song ‘’REACHIN’ FOR THE SKY’’ feat. ‘’AZANIA’’ for his american friend and producer RhythmDB (Miami) on the labels Le Distribution, entering so at 23th position of TOP 100 singles of Beatport’s charts of genre INDIE DANCE/NU DISCO.
By the end of 2015 to today, he begins his collaboration with RhythmDB for the label LE DISTRIBUTION. He refines his musical qualities more and more towards the genre INDIE DANCE/NU DISCO; this will make him always present for this genre in the charts of Beatport for these EP:

‘’PARIS’’ feat. ADAM FIORE at 86th position TOP 100 singles
‘’CRAWL’’ feat. ADAM FIORE at 4th position TOP 100 releases and at 58th position in the TOP 100 singles.
‘’BEPAHIKA’’ feat. JUSTIN QUINN at 9th position TOP 100 releases.

In the april of 2016 he produces for the label STREET KING of New York (sub label of KING STREET) l’EP ‘’IMPERIA’’, and it arrives at 15th position TOP 100 Releases.

In this moment he is busy in a new projects.


La mia formazione è composta da una sola persona e posso esibirmi anche con altri miei colleghi se lo richiede la situazione o il locale stesso.


Il mio repertorio comprende brani di musica dance ed elettronica attuali del settore con particolare selezione di pezzi di etichette underground americane e londinesi.
L'esibizione dura minimo 1 ora.

Logistica e attrezzature

L'impianto per l'esibizione, ovvero un mixer e 2 lettori e 2 giradischi, è presente in studio ed è adatto per un dj set.

Montaggio e spostamenti

Le tempistiche variano tra i 10 e massimo i 15 minuti. Sono disponibile a spostamenti nella stessa serata.


Personalmente mi sono esibito in discoteche,club,bar e contest in Italia.

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