Attilio Di Poce & Free Brains
Onde Attilio Di Poce & Free Brains Anzio Musiqua
Roma, Lazio
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Attilio Di Poce , Polistrumentista / Compositore
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Attilio Di Poce is an Italian Musician & Composer from Anzio (IT). Born in Rome in 13/09/1990, he left his first part of Life in various Clubs of the city with his father Massimo Di Poce, a really good Drummer and Producer that played in different Band. By this Way He Grow Up , and he raise the pleasure for Music. His first instrument is Guitar, but he Sing also and play Drums, Bass & Piano.
He start to play Guitar when he was a child with a Wonderful musician Gaetano Bartolone, and subsequently with the Great guitar player Sebastiano Visalli, that give him the basic but fundamental notions of this Art. Subsequently he decide to understand in depth different kind of Music, so he took lessons from different Bright Musicians like William Stravato , Fabio Zeppetella, Umberto Fiorentino,Francesco Angiuli, Alberto Parmegiani and Franco Ventura, in different School . Attilio Start to play live on stage in 2004, “ Music is the Way to explain what the Suol want to say.” he said.So year after year he change Bands and Style, when he decided to start to create his personal Art. His Music is a combination of sundry Kind of Music, like Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Fusion, Progressive. Actually he start to study at the Santa Cecilia, conservatory of music in Rome.
He Love Listen Frank Zappa, Weather Report , Mahavishnu Orchestra, Area, Gentle Giant, Allan Holdsworth, Santana, Allman Brothers, Steve vai, Guthrie Govan, Screaming Headless Torsos, Elio e Le Storie Tese, Ozric Tentacles, Return to Forever, Pat Metheny Group, Tribal Tech,Oscar Peterson, John Coltrane, Charlie Parker, Tito Puente, Snarky Puppy, 24-7 Spyz, Now vs Now, Chon, Meshuggah, Black Label Society etc. He Love Classical Music also, like Igor Stravinsky, Mozart, Debussy, Beethoven etc. So he Take Ispiration by this Bigs of Music.
“ I’m Sorry if I forget Someone, But is really hard to remember all of you. There are to many Beautiful Mind on the Earth and the List will be Infinity. ”
“ So Thanks for reading, and see you Around the World! “.


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