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laser harp show & opera diva


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Formazione e membri


  • Solista,
  • Duo,
  • Trio


Olha Rossi
 -  Laser harp, Opera singer
Ihor Kuksenko
 -  Sound engineer, Dj
Mari Kee
 -  Electro flute, Flute


800 - 1300


«novaYA» is the first opera diva in the world who plays the musical instrument of the future (laser harp). The unique show includes laser beams live playing, charming opera vocal, luminous costumes, video projection, that makes your advertisements and photo reports as well as your parties, presentations, and gala dinners unforgettable.



The show «novaYA» has already performed at such landmark events as: «The Person of the Year» award ceremony; a gala dinner at the royal palace of Bucharest (Romania); the wedding of Sheikh's son of Ras Al Khaimah (one of the UAE emirates); the award ceremony of Italian designers in the “House of Architecture” (“Casa dell'Architectura”, Rome, Italy); television shows at National Opera of Ukraine; and many other events, presentations and parties.


If the concert takes place indoors, then after the show we also may offer a laser harp playing master class (7-10 minutes).


different music styles or a mix of styles: electro, classical crossover, lounge, ethnic, covers

Logistica e attrezzature

Rider: - Hazer (or fog machine with fan). One hazer for a small venue. Two hazers for a location containing more than 150 guests. If the performance is outdoors we need 3-4 hazers. - Sound-amplifying equipment (loudspeakers) depends on the size of the location, but not less than 2 kW for 100 persons. - A DJ-place or a table/rack for our soundman's music equipment (an area of 100 by 50 cm and a height of 80 cm) should be placed at the distance of 7 meters of the laser harp - Power supply: ~220 V with a power extender with 2 sockets (near the laser harp) and 5 sockets near our DJ-place. - Microphone stand. - Stereo wires (2 XLR cables) connected to our mixer on the DJ place. - During the performance of «novaYA», the stage light and light in a hall should be toned off for visible laser beams.

Montaggio e spostamenti

If the laser harp is taken from the stage after soundcheck, then we need 3-5 minutes before the performance to put the laser harp on the stage and connect it.

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