GET’EM OUT Genesis tribute
GET’EM OUT GET’EM OUT Genesis tribute Milano Musiqua
Milano, Lombardia
€ 800 - 1800
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Mario Izzo , Voce e flauto traverso
Dario D’Amore , Tastiere, chitarra 12 corde e cori
Gianluca Oliveri , Chitarre
Gianfranco Oliveri , Basso, chitarre, pedal bass e cori
Renato Giacomelli , Batteria, percussioni e cori
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In 2005, Get’em out, a band made up of five musicians with a passion for Genesis, launched an ambitious project to recreate the magical atmosphere of their music when Peter Gabriel was front man and lead singer, performing all Genesis compositions of the period that made their music a rock classics.

The first line-up was formed by Matteo Callegari (lead vocal, flute), Dario D’Amore (Keyboards, acoustic guitars, vocal), Gianfranco Oliveri (Bass, bass-pedal, acoustic guitars, vocal), Gianluca Oliveri (Electric guitars, sitar) and Renato Giacomelli (Drum, vocal). In 2012 Matteo left the band and was replaced by Franco Giaffreda until 2019, and lastly Mario Izzo in 2020.

The meticulous quest for the same sounds and dynamics of the original studio recordings, the use of vintage instruments and effects, scrupulous re-creation of the original music and vocal scores, without forgetting Genesis theatrical stage presence, have made Get’em out one of the most respected bands on the Italian music scene.

Get’em Out present their shows mostly in Theatres and large pubs in the north of Italy; among the others, Get’em out are proud to present their shows on stages like Blue Note (Milan, Italy) and Spirit of 66 (Verviers, Belgium).

Today’s proposed shows are:

1) Foxtrot Live – (1970-71 period)

2) Selling England by the Pound - The black show – (1972-73 period)

3) The Gabriel Era Live – A show that includes most Genesis progressive period masterpieces (1970-1975 period).

Shows include the use of theatrical make-ups and costumes painstakingly recreated from the ones used by Peter Gabriel over than the use of theatrical scenes and lightening effects.


Formazione fissa da 5 elementi:
Mario Izzo: Voce e flauto traverso
Dario D’Amore: Tastiere , Chitarra 12 corde e cori
Gianluca Oliveri: Chitarre
Gianfranco Oliveri: Basso, Chitarre, Taurus e cori
Renato Giacomelli: Batteria, percussioni e cori


Produzione Genesis con Peter Gabriel (1969 / 1974) con scenografie e costumi originali.

Logistica e attrezzature

Scenografie e strumenti di proprietà. Necessario impianto voci adeguato.
Palco necessario almeno 5 x 4 metri

Montaggio e spostamenti

Si necessita di almeno 3 ore per montaggio scenografia. Trattandosi di spettacolo fisso non è possibile spostare strumenti e scene una volta montati.


Concerti dal vivo in Italia ed all’estero.
Festival nazionali ed internazionali.
Grandi locali (in Italia ospiti fissi al Blue Note di Milano)