Andrea Rorato

DJ e consulente musicale
Andrea Rorato DJ e consulente musicale Milano Musiqua
Milano, Lombardia
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Andrea Rorato , DJ
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Musical instruments have always been by my side since I was a little child. Their twisted and particular sounds made me think about the fascinating role of the Dee-jay, in the show business world.
At only 12 years and totally unexperienced I was put in front of my very first consolle, that’s when I started to feel the time, beats and stops.
Being able to share my own representation of the Disk-Jockey’s job is what I’ve always wanted to do. Clear and distinct sounds, tones and deep notes were what I liked the most as they slowly allowed me to approach a specific type of music and shaped my artistic side.
House Music is definitely the genre I love the most and it characterizes my entire professional journey since day one, that’s why I’ve never stopped incorporating it into my performances. Working with such a diverse audience shifted my interest to other musical genres.
As time passed, DJ Set requests from clubs became more frequent and deejaying not only was my biggest passion but became a job.
At 21 I started my residency for the brand Dolce & Gabbana in Milan, next to my colleague and friend Stefano Locatelli. This experience allowed me to acquire event management skills, playing around with a wide spectrum of music genres: from the 50’s pre-rivolutionary light revival music, the big 70’s rock bands tunes, the innovative 80’s, year of electricity… to our current time.
In addition to Dolce & Gabbana, I had the chance to collaborate with several Clubs, Hotels and Resorts.
In the past years I also matured musical production skills which allowed me to enhance my personal performance and made my music proposals always more interesting.
According to my personal opinion I can easily say that my cultural baggage and experiences make the Deejay a music guardian and enthusiast. Regardless of the type of genre, it takes a lot of study and passion, It’s a continuous will to impress, thrill, entertain the crowd and inspire new artists that want to get more familiar with this one-of-a kind job.


La formazione è composta da me soltanto, nel caso la situazione lo ritenesse opportuno posso farmi affiancare da un sassofonista o una violinista.


Il mio repertorio in quanto dj si adatta alle specifiche richieste dal cliente.

Logistica e attrezzature

appoggiandomi ad un service esterno posso disporre di tutta la strumentazione da voi richiesta - ES: (casse, luci ecc..)

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Ho 5 anni di esperienza negli eventi, particolarmente nel settore moda (sfilate, aperitivi e party).