Pindaric Flight

Pindaric Flight Progressive. Milano
Milano, Lombardia
€ 600 - 1200
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Claudio Grecchi , 7 string bass
Claudio Pirro , guitar
Andreas de Lucia , drum
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This project started in September 2003. We joined ourselves to have the possibility of playing whatever we like, from ambient-psychedelic music to prog rock up to the progressive metal.

The bass has a relevant part in this group because it provides the rythmic base but also many solos and "soundscapes" (using a lot of effects, tons of tapping etc). Guitar provides to the band sound with boosty rythmic sessions, noises and harmonic openings adding of course massive solo parts as well.

The drums is varied, "sliding" from the classic 4/4 to the odd measures.

After numerous live we decided to put on record our ideas. "Art is never finished, only abandoned" is our first full length album: inside there is all kinds of music we most appreciated as the classic progressive rock / metal, some fusion, ethnic atmospheres, soundscapes and funky.
"Art .." was critically acclaimed both in Italy and abroad.

We are always looking for new sounds that differ from all that surrounds us and new ways of relating to the composition.
We are not interested in technicalities usual, very present nowadays in many bands, but most of all to the structure / composition of the song to try to overcome the limit imposed by the media today and create something completely new.
We know it will be tough, but the only thing that counts for us is to have fun doing what we like.