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NIHIL band post-rock-progressive Pisa Musiqua
Pisa, Toscana
€ 200 - 800
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(opzionale) luca , batteria
(opzionale) lucio , basso
(opzionale) matteo , chitarra\voce
(opzionale) matteo , chitarra
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NiHiL is a four-piece Progressive Core band based in Tuscany, Italy.
The band formed in spring 2002 with the idea of experimenting an unusual kind of alternative rock, joining together influences coming from grunge, stoner rock, noise, metal, hardcore and prog rock.
In May 2004 we released our first work "Demo 1", well reviewed by press and webzines; the band kept on composing until spring 2007, when we released "1st May". After a sudden split we changed the line up and during summer 2008 we recorded "Empirical Heresy", our third work in studio. The album was presented in December 2008 with an amazing show in Italy and the band had the chance to play on several stages across Uk.
In June 2010 we released a videoclip for "Root Of Negative One", one of our most representative songs.
At the moment the band is recording "SyNapse", fourth album planned to be released in September 2012.