Fatih Murat BELLI
F.Murat BELLI Fatih Murat BELLI Torino Musiqua
Torino, Piemonte
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Fatih murat velli , Chitarra
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Belli who was born in stanbul in 1987,started music while he was at secondary school by taking solfege guitar and piano lessons from Mustafa YILGR. He studied science and mathematics at high school and graduated from Suleyman Nazif High School but the interest he had about music dominated and he decided to study music at university. He was accepted to Yldz Technical University, the Art and Design Faculty, Music and Performing Art Department, Classical Guitar branch as the student of Blent ERGDEN in 2005. After the intensetive interdisciplinary art and music education he got, he was accepted to the Consevatorio di G.F. Ghedini classical guitar department in 2010. The young guitarist still going on his music studies with Davide FICCO in Italy, took place in several concerts and organizations both within the country and abroad. The most important ones are "coordinator assistantship at the Y.T.U. International Guitar Festival in 2007 and 2008", "concert artistry at Y.T.U. International Guitar Festival in 2009, "concert artistry at The National Guitar Meeting at Bilkent University in 2010" and "concert artistry at IP Project Cuneo in 2010". On the other hand, Belli worked in ASEM The School of Music and Turul San The School of Music as the teacher of guitar. He still provides consulting service on the subjects of industrial and artistic sound and music design for Melodicinet . The masterclasses he got with worlwide known musicians such as Carlo MARCIONE , Frank BUNGARTEN , Cem DURUOZ , Robert BARTO ve Nora BUSCHMANN have an important role in the view of his musical and artistic development.