Eternalkeys - Mimmo D'ippolito
Eternalkeys Eternalkeys - Mimmo D'ippolito Brindisi Musiqua
Brindisi, Puglia
€ 90 - 120
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Mimmo D'ippolito , all Keyboards - Composer - Producer
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Mimmo D'Ippolito (18/12/1982 - Brindisi), project name means union of two words: "Eternal" something timeless and "Keys": abbrevation of the word "Keyboards", a travel between Real Sensations, a World of Fantasy and Mysteries of Life . Influences goes from Soundtracks / backgrounds music generally to Electronics, Modern classical,...Eternalkeys have a great web presence in all the important music web channels, digital stores, blog, important web radios - podcast all over the world, Indiepndent Labels collaboration, Featured in different compilations ,with many followers, great comments, good reviews and consensus. Mimmo D'Ippolito studied modern keyboard throught the years, Classical Composition, and every day is dedicated to search particular sounds, arrangiaments, melodies, harmonies...