Viking-folk band of Parma
Dusius Viking-folk band of Parma Parma musiqua.it
Parma, Emilia Romagna
€ 50 - 1000
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High , Vocalist
Rocco , Guitar
Kra , Guitar
Alle , Keyboards
Paso , Bass
Fab , Drums
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Dusius get started during spring 2010 as Rocco Tridici, plans to set up a band to share his passion for viking metal.
He involves his friend Manuel Greco (called as Highlander) in this project, and Erik Pasini (Paso) and Alessandro Vecchio (Alle) join them. Although they still lack a complete line-up, the four of them start writing their first songs.
In the winter of the same year Rocco meets Manuele Quintiero (Kra), who, in spite of a different musical taste, immediately gets on with the band. Fabien Squarza (Fab), stayed more than a year in aid of the band, decides in January 2012 to join the band officially.