Alchemy Room

Prog Rock/Metal/Experimental
Alchemy Room Prog Rock/Metal/Experimental Torino Musiqua
Torino, Piemonte
€ 250 - 950000
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Fabio La Manna , Chitarra
Andy Oliver Monge , Voce
Fausto Poda , Basso
Davide Cardella , Batteria
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lchemy Room is a project born from an idea of 2007 guitarist and composer Fabio La Manna, author and musician in other Italian band. Many songs were expecting only to see the light, a sound that draws from progressive rock to heavy metal, with numerous cross-contamination, always giving emphasis on melody and atmosphere.

The decisive meeting takes place at the beginning of 2007 between La Manna and the italo-Peruvian drummer Andy o. Monge. Bassist Tommaso Bosso was added to the line-up as a session man and soon the group met the final singer Irene Mondino and suited to their sound.

The band recorded the entire promo entitled "Origin of Fears" during 2008 at the Music Lab studios of Settimo Torinese. The album was entirely self-produced with lyrics and music by Fabio La Manna. In early 2009 the band began to promote it through Myspace and print limited edition cd for webzine, magazine and label.

In October 2009 enters the band bassist Mauro Mana and in 2010 the band did an intense live activity, the Alchemy Room began a collaboration with Nomadism and produced the ep A Matter of time, the anticipation of the second album in work.

In 2011 the band released under the official cd "Origin of fears/A matter of time" followed by a promotion and pressoffice followed by excellent critical hits. In the same year Andrea Bighetti joined the band on bass, and towards the end of the year the Alchemy Room separated from the singer Irene Mondino due to personal and musical differences.

During 2013 late spring, Fausto Poda joined Alchemy Room on bass, Davide Cardella on drums and Andy switched to voice; the band is now back at work for the new album!